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HK Publisher (H Kliczkowski), ASPPAN and ONLYBOOK

Our company was founded in 1988, dealing with the publication and distribution of books and magazines. Mainly devoted to Architecture, Graphic Design and Interior Design, we are expanding those topics into Art, Photograph, children books, Tourism, coffee table books with remarkable design and high publication level, and literature.
The publishing brand, HK (H Kliczkowski) launches books of its own production together with coeditions with important publishing groups from all over the world. It manages a publishing found rising up to more than 500 books, and it produces 40 new titles each year. Some of those titles have overcame 80.000 copies in several printings and have been translated into more than 14 languages such as Spanish, German, Catalan, Chinese, Korean, French, Greek, Dutch, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.
A. ASPPAN SL, is the national distributor covering the publishing found of the company (HK), and also the highest standard founds, principally in Spanish language, and also bilingual and trilingual editions including texts in English, German, French and Portuguese. It counts on subdistributors and warehouses in every state of Spain and Portugal.
ONLYBOOK SL, is the international distributor, specially selling to Latin America together with Brazil and USA.
Exporting to several European and Asian countries, its three warehouses receive and deliver more than 3,5 millions of books per year.